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JC Economics Tuition
Intensive Revision Programme

CSQ Skills Development | Essay Writing Skills Development
Topical Re-teaching | Class Practice & Discussion

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Economics Tuition
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JC General Paper
Intensive Revision

Content Knowledge Enrichment | Essay Writing Skills
Comprehension Learning Skills | Class Practice & Discussion


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JC Economics Essays

Written by our dedicated JC Economics Tutor,
Mr. Simon Ng, you can refer to our JC Economics
Essays to complement your exam preparation


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Economics Tuition

2016 JC Economics Intensive Revision

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Economics Tuition Bishan

Sign up for our Economics Tuition Bishan and GP Tuition Bishan for J1 and J2 students at Economics Tuition Bishan, managed by EconomicsTuitionBishan.com.sg. Our founder and principal JC Economics Tutor, Mr. Simon Ng, educate our students with the Rational Thinking Methodology, involving the inculcation of thinking and application skills and essay writing skills to poise students to excel in essay writing and CSQ examination. Students will be provided with extensive JC Economics Notes and JC Economics Essays to make their preparation for A Level Economics more systematic and organized, ensuring that they are able to score for the A Level Economics Examination.

GP Tuition Bishan

As for GP Tuition Bishan, our founder and principal GP tutor, Mr. Simon Ng, seeks to nurture students’ Sensible Mind to be reflective and expressive so as to poise them to excel for A Level General Paper examination. All students will undergo training to raise their Comprehension and Essay Writing Skills and will be provided extensive JC GP notes and JC GP essays to improve their knowledge acumen, thinking and reading skills, comprehension and application skills and writing technique. We believe that we can raise our students’ competency to achieve academic excellence for A Level General Paper examination

JC Economics Essays

JC Economics Essays written by JC Economics Tutor. Sign up for Economics Tuition now!